How To Check Your Roof For Hail Damage

To identify hail damage on your roof first check out items on the ground such as patio furniture or your car, this is a relatively straightforward process. The round dings in metal are visible signs of hail damage. However, determining whether your roof has sustained damage from a hailstorm may be a little more tricky. It’s important to keep your roof in top condition to avoid structural deterioration that may cause leaks. Most insurance companies will pay for a roof that has been damaged by hail, but it must be correctly assessed. Insurance adjusters will require the opinion of a professional roofing contractor such as “Born To Roof” before they will consent to the work, but you can also check for hail damage yourself before calling us by following these tips.


Search for marks on the metal. Check metal roof vents, flashing or metal valleys on the roof surface to see if there are any dents or paint chips. Soft metal such as aluminum will show dents, and also indicate the size of the hail.


Check the top ridge cap of the roof for dents or damage. This area of the roof area will receive the most damage from hail since it is a flat area and will take a direct hit from hail in a storm. Look at the shingles. Check the whole shingle, as well as the edges, for signs of damage.


Identify the types of roof damage caused by hail. The three major signs of hail damage include bruising, cracking and granules missing from asphalt.

Check for missing pieces in the asphalt shingle of the roof. Look for areas of the shingle that have exposed, black substrate. The granules of the asphalt have been compromised or knocked off by something.

Search for bruising in the shingles. Dents from hail are not always completely visible. Run your hand over the shingle to feel for small dimples in the surface. Press one of the dimples to see if it has any give. If it does, this is a sign that the shingle has begun some deterioration.

Look for cracking in the shingle. Large hail can make a circular crack if it hits hard enough.



Once you identify that your roof has damage, it’s time to call Born To Roof at 502-338-8889. We can help confirm the hail damage and assist you in filing an insurance claim to get your new roof. We are here to help you every step of the way.